Monday, January 14, 2013

Presenting...iPad Basics again...

So, I was asked to present an intro to iPads to our elementary-level librarians last week and I really didn't want to be boring. I didn't want to create a Powerpoint because It seemed like overkill for the information I needed to share- ditto for Prezi. So I downloaded Haiku Deck onto my iPad and got started. Within and hour I had (what I'm proud to say) a fabulous set of slides that shared enough, but not too much, in a visually engaging way.

With this presentation, I was able to give the group specific visuals to focus on while I was explaining the functionality of their new devices.  Since our elementary librarians have been using iPod Touches for some time now, much of the time a slide would come up and all I had to say was: "this is just the way it is on your iPod Touch." But, for other items, I was able to elaborate on them and they were able to follow along on their iPads without feeling like they were missing out on text in the presentation. For me, having the images within the presentation program was so helpful. In some cases, I added in my own screenshots, but for the others, Haiku Deck offered excellent cc choices related to the text I had inserted.

For quick to produce and visually appealing presentations, Haiku Deck is my new favorite!

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